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Our first collection of self-penned music which was inspired in part by living in the north. A reflection of nature, people and places which are shaped by the unique light and climate that we live in.


1. Missing You 

2. Isflak

3. White Nights

4. Da Trow’s Jig 

5. Eira

6. A Home Under Every Tree

7. Roddy Sinclair’s 

8. Edges & High Water 

9. Michaelswood


“worth buying for its stunning opening track alone” ***** The Scotsman 

"a gobsmakingly wonderful duo.” TAPLAS 

“This really is a stunning album...truly inspired." FIDDLE ON 

“glittering harp work...exceptional bow control” The STRAD 

“clear and strong...always a startling freshness and spontaneity at work...virtuosic and physically engaging...” Live at the Queen's Hall ***** The Glasgow Herald 

“Catriona McKay’s possession of the harp is without compare, bristling with vitality and rhythmic intensity” Irish Times 

“...Chris’ typically sinuous, shimmering and soaring melodies, fluent and expressive, over the harp’s rhythmic detail, whether pulsing surges or intricate ripples. Intense, dynamic, restless and complex...” Living Tradition

White Nights CD

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