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Chris Stout Violin

Catriona McKay Scottish Harp
Liam Ó Maonlaí Singer
Christie Williamson Poet
James Mackintosh Percussion

James Lowe Conductor

Möder Dy sees two of Scotland’s most internationally celebrated traditional musicians join the SCO for this celebration of contemporary folk and classical music.  Long-time musical associates, Shetland-born fiddler Chris Stout and Dundee-born harpist Catriona McKay are renowned for their dynamic approach to Scottish traditional music. With the North Sea an abiding presence in their diverse and curious collective sound, the visceral emotion of their music-making is powerful in its hunger to reach the soul. Known for their pioneering collaborations across classical, contemporary and experimental fields, the intensity of Stout & McKay’s music can turn on a sixpence as they seamlessly weave and dance between their traditional roots and their shared passion for explorations in music. This is a rare opportunity to witness two of Scotland’s finest traditional musicians composing, orchestrating and performing their music with the SCO. Featured special guests include Ireland’s Liam Ó Maonlaí (Hothouse Flowers), acclaimed ‘Shetlandic’ poet Christie Williamson, percussionist James Mackintosh and Chris and Catriona’s long-time friend and colleague, conductor James Lowe. Part of Celtic Connections 2023

This event took place on JAN 26th (Edinburgh Queenshall) & Jan 27th (Glasgow City Halls) as part of Celtic Connections 2023




Waves Whisper ‘Fond Kisses of Old Memories’

Liam Ó Maonlaí (song) 

Christie Williamson (poem) The Waves Whisper Sweet Somethings

Waves Whisper ‘When Waves Whisper Sweet Somethings’ (song)




Christie Williamson (poem) If you find love

Waves Whisper ‘When Tides Meet’

Glen Shee

Sair Fecht

Möder Dy in Shetland, means Mother Wave. It’s the ocean’s secret rhythm, an undercurrent that can guide the experienced seafarer home. The Möder Dy is symbolic of the thread that runs through all of our duo music. We are delighted to open the concert with ‘Seavaigers’ a concerto composed specially for us in 2012 by composer Sally Beamish. We love this music and it’s perfect to start the evening with a spectacular sea voyage! Our own collection of music has been fully orchestrated by us and we are thrilled to perform the premier with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and conductor James Lowe. Our music is inspired by the vast seascapes and majestic landscapes of our birthplaces, we believe it to be our most powerful music. Joining us will be the world renowned singer songwriter Liam O’Maonlai from Ireland, Poet Christie Williamson who’s words have inspired much of the music you will hear, and the jewel in the Scottish music scene that is percussionist James Mackintosh. We are so proud and honoured to be performing for you this evening with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, our poet and guest musicians, with James Lowe at the helm! ‘and the waves whisper sweet somethings, bringing you home to me' (Excerpt from 'When Waves Whisper Sweet Somethings' by Christie Williamson) Chris & Catriona

Catriona McKay harp live

SEAVAIGERS (3 movts.) Sally Beamish Seavaigers Concerto for fiddle & harp by composer Sally Beamish. Strong emotions are always connected to dangerous journeys, and this piece reflects the anticipation, fear, comradeship and adventure of sea voyaging. The first movement, Storm, begins with a shimmering dawn over the water before launching into a reel which becomes increasingly unsettled and harmonically dark, before resolving into optimism. ​ The Lament consists of one very simple melody, which repeats and overlaps with varying ornamentation, written and improvised. The solo improvisations continue as the last movement begins – Haven - steering a final exhilarated course towards home. Just before the end, the opening music returns, as if land is in sight. WAVES WHISPER SWEET SOMETHINGS (3 movts.) Chris Stout & Catriona McKay Music that takes a close listen to and exploration of the waves. Poet Christie Williamson tells us 'when the waves whisper sweet somethings'. Liam O’Maonlai sings 'fond kisses of old memories’. 'And the waves whisper sweet somethings fond kisses of old memories and the waves whisper sweet somethings bringing you home to me' (Excerpt from 'When Waves Whisper Sweet Somethings' by Christie Williamson) GLEN SHEE (1 movt.) Chris Stout & Catriona McKay Glenshee is a one movement experience of the Perthshire ‘Fairy Glen’ - The Mountain Breathes / Shee Water / Sing out loud on the telephone wire / The Standing Stone / Lay Lines / Glenshee The music represents the harsh but beautiful, majestic landscape. The sounds and rhythms we experience tell us the mountain continues to breathe. Assures us those who have been part of the mountain remain so through the flora and fauna and the deep heartbeat guiding us home. 'to let love lift you high above yourself high above the mountains high above the sea' (Excerpt from 'If You Find Love' by Christie Williamson)

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