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Brandenburg Slow Movement | Stout & McKay / Scottish Ensemble

Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 - Slow Movement by Sally Beamish

Performed by Chris Stout (fiddle) and Catriona McKay (Scottish harp) with the Scottish Ensemble, at the Caird Hall, Dundee.


Instead of the usual slow movement, Bach only provided a cadence to link the two fast movements of his third Brandenburg concerto, and this is often used as a starting point for improvisation.

In 2011, Sally Beamish was commissioned by the Lautten Compagney, Berlin, to write a movement to replace the 'missing' slow movement, which was performed alongside her Chamber Concerto for saxophone quartet and string orchestra, as part of performances of Brandenburg Three.


In 2018 she made this new version, incorporating Scottish harp and fiddle, to be programmed with her concerto 'Seavaigers'.

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