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The Chris Stout Collection VOL 1 Digital Download (Complete)
solo fiddle score  and background notes for each tune.


An email will be sent upon completion of your purchase for a link to mp3 audio files of Chris playing all of the tunes solo so you can listen or play along!

A Day for Roger & Jo
Alistair’s Vintage Bar
Catriona McKay o’ da Law Hill, Dundee
Chris Stout’s Compliments to the Bon Accord Ale House
Clubbi Shuns
Da Peerie Reel
Da Sneck i’da Smaalie
Da Trow’s Jig
Da Trows o Truggles Water
Da White Wife
Devil’s Advocate
Doon fae Nort
Double Helix
Theme from ‘Drive’
Fisherman’s Prayer
Fraser Fifield’s
Da Waters o' da Gut
Hubie Hoose
Inkster's Jig
Lowrie's Reel
Mr 'Absolutely'
Ness Polka
Phil Alexander's
Souch o da Laebrack
The Grimbergen Blonde
The Laughing Cavalier
The Sheriff
The Sneug Water Waltz
The Tangerine Dream
White Nights
White Wife
Zander the Sander

Chris Stout Collection Vol. 1 Digital Download (Complete)

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