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Welcome to our new website!

Thank you for joining us here! We're delighted to be able to give you this website so you can hear music, watch music videos and stream live concerts (coming soon!).

There's a store for downloading our music scores and buying CDs.

You can sign up to have access to more music videos and photos and keep up to date with our newsletter and blog (don't worry we focus on our music so barely get around to sending out news!). We will try our best to let you know when there's something new and exciting to experience!

We had an amazing gig at Celtic Connections with the amazing Somhairle MacDonald |​ | @fatherofschmo to create an epic journey of music and art.

Somhairle also designed us our very own logo, thank you Somhairle, there's no end to your talents!

Watch a promo for the gig with Somhairle MacDonald here

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